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Posted On April 28, 2017By jbeavisIn Music, Top lists

Songs for chillin’ in winter

It is nearly winter innit? So here are few cool songs for you to enjoy. “Luv (sic) pt. 2” by Nujabes feat. Shing02 is not really about winter but it is chill hop and it is breezy and the slow-mo video is just right for relaxing on Sunday arvo. It is also quite odd.   “Moonlight In Vermont” – Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Snow, skiing, Frank, Ella. This one is for the fireplace. “White Winter Hymnal” – Fleet Foxes. They do cop some flack for appropriating folk music for the shallowRead More

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Take Control After 10 Years

Come October it will be 10 years since the release of the landmark biopic on Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis, Control, directed by Anton Corbijn. JED KERNAGHAN devised list of reasons why you should see Control. – Control is a movie based on the life and death of Joy Division vocalist, Ian Curtis. – The movie is in black and white to give the illusion that you’re looking at separate photos during Joy Division’s reign of popularity in the underground scene – The story is driven by Ian Curtis’ developing epilepsyRead More
*NO SPOILERS* BY CRUZE BACTHELDOR   Marvel have set a standard for all of their movies, and that is what the audience now expects, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (GOTG V2) goes beyond that standard, but not by much. This was a funny, and at times heartbreaking film, but all in all a good movie going experience. Sadly there were some faults to this film. Throughout the entire film there is inconsistent pacing. At one moment it could be very serious, and then suddenly it’s all fun and lightRead More
From Bluesfest website
Bluesfest provides too many powerful experiences to write about all of them but our travelling writers had a few highlights of the five day festival over Easter. They tried to put what is almost unwritable into words. Patti Smith, Thursday, Mojo Tent There are many reasons why Patti Smith is a legend. Her poetry, her style, her placement at an important time in music (New York, late 1970s) and her subsequent quality recordings. But first and foremost she is a charismatic performer who turns on something mysterious during the performance of a song,Read More

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6 Things You’ll Regret in 6 Years

by Skye D’Ercole and Emma Mitchell Everyone regrets. It will happen. Here are some we expect we… um… you’ll regret in six years’ time. 6. Your social medias Sure, that “cute” duck face profile pic might get 10 likes now. But when you’re 21-years-old and going in for a job interview, and your employer looks you up on google, that’s not the sort of thing they’ll want to see. 5. Your health Eating fast food for every meal seems like a genius idea now. You’re young and your high metabolismRead More

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More Splendidness of Splendour

MARIAH JAEGER is off to Splendour soon to report for SK. She is very excited. Here are some of the reasons why! Splendour in the Grass released a killer lineup in the last week or so that doesn’t fail to impress. This year’s biggest acts are set to storm the stages. Here are the performers I’m most excited about seeing. Friday, July 21 RL GRIME In my opinion the best act all weekend. He is sure to deliver a set to remember dropping boundary pushing tracks especially with his recentRead More

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The Splendour of Splendour Pt. 1

BY JACK GIESS and EMMA MITCHELL You heard it right.   It’s time to get your camping gear, 2 minute noodles for sustenance, gum boots, festival clothes and all the body glitter you can stick onto your body. The Splendour 2017 lineup is out and it’s any music lover’s wet dream. There has been major speculation as to who is playing this year’s North Byron parkland wonderland of music. But the wait is over. This year’s lineup is one to behold. Even if you decide to only go one day thereRead More
More miscellaneous reviews for music that has caught our reviewers’ ears this last month. Invisible Hands – Deadlights by Alex Weller Brisbane post-hardcore band Deadlight’s new signing with Greyscale Records has resulted in them releasing the new “MESMA-rising” single from their 2017 Mesma album. It is hands down one of the most improved band with a massive change in recording production, resulting in the vocals and instrumentals of a much higher quality. The clean and heavy vocals are definitely more contrasted, and there are more clean vocals in this single thanRead More
Emily Wurramara - Press Shot 2 - Hey Love - Landscape

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Award Winning Wurramara At Milk Factory

Wannadilyakwa singer Emily Wurramara is taking her award winning songs to The Milk Factory in South Brisbane tonight, along with Torres Strait Island singer Australia’s Got Talent finalist Chris Tamwoy. Both singers have recently returned from representing Australia in various showcases in the United States, and Emily also won the Queensland Music Award for Best Indigenous song “Ngayuwa Ngelyeyiminama (I Love You)” this week at the Brisbane Powerhouse.  2017 is the anniversary of some major key milestones for Indigenous people, including 50 years of the 1967 referendum, when the largest yes voteRead More
It is only five years ago, but already a masterpiece. MARIAH JAEGER takes a look back at The Weeknd’s classic mixtape House of Balloons:   The Weeknd pushed R&B into a new decade in his slow and hazy masterpiece, House of Balloons. Abel Tesafay’s tales from his drug-fuelled lifestyle are reflected through ten hallucinatory slow R&B jams. He gives us an insight into his world ridiculed with sense of self-hate and addiction to a spaced-out life. House of Balloons is heavy, drenched in dark undertones singing about girls, drugs and hazy parties. The entire album is slow,Read More