Touring, touring and touring isn’t only what rapper Seth Sentry has been up to lately. Behind the scenes Seth has been writing and recording his brand new album and the first taste of the album is brought to you via his recently released single Run. Seth Sentry is kicking off his Run tour here in Brisbane at the Hi-Fi on Friday the 20th of February and continuing nationally until the 21st of March. Already sold out his show in Melbourne, Seth has added a second show for the following day justRead More
It’s been a couple of months since Pink Floyd released their 15th and final studio album, The Endless River, their first studio album for 20 years, and since the release on November 10 (where I rushed to get my hands on the CD as quickly as I could) I’ve struggled to write up a review on it. Being a diehard Pink Floyd fan (despite the fact that most of their discography was released before I was even conceived, let alone born) I have toiled and troubled to figure outRead More
Hands up if you’re attending Future Music Festival 2015! My hands are most certainly up and they are having a small party because Future Music Headliners ‘The Prodigy’ are releasing a new album! It will be unleashed via the band’s own label Take Me To The Hospital through Cooking Vinyl, on March 27. “The Day Is My Enemy” will be available to blow your ears and your mind. For anyone who doesn’t know who The Prodigy are, I am both sad but excited to involve you in this wonderful discoveryRead More
Still plenty of festivals to come this summer so Bella Harris has a few tips for keeping cool… For some reason promoters like to book more gigs and festivals during the summer, and everyone in Australia knows how horrible the heat is. So here’s a few of my personal tips from someone who works a lot of gigs but also attends them! 1. Stay hydrated. In conditions where you’re waiting in line outside or your in a small, crowded venue always have water on you. Avoid sugary drinks, they’ll simplyRead More

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El Grande Festival: Big In Name and Nature

Holy moly, Gladstone and surrounding areas are going to get a real musical treat in March. Yes indeed, for the fourth and biggest time the El Grande Festival will be pleasuring the ears, eyes and minds of music lovers in southern Central Queensland. And Brisbane. No, it is not a Grande Illusion… These fab bands are going to be playing and it is damn fine to see some of these names again: 28 Days DZ Deathrays Dream On Dreamer Tiki Taane (NZ) D At Sea Voyager Sydonia Ezekiel Ox Drawcard,Read More

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Forever Ends Here show January 17 2015

e on be strongRead More

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Music Writer On The Webs offers WOA

Getting a job in the music industry can be an extremely difficult thing to do, especially at a young age. It can be difficult for people to take you seriously when you want to get in on such a small industry. Luckily we have some great tips on how to make as much progress in the industry as you can and as soon as possible. Here are Darcy Boyd’s (of online blog Warriors With Wild Hearts) top 6 tips on making an entrance to the music industry. 1. Be professionalRead More

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Soundwave 2015

Now that the Soundwave 2015 line up has finally been released, our very own Taylah Paton gives you the down low on where she will be moshing. Ah, that time is upon us again folks, the drafts for Soundwave set times have been released, and it’s got me thinking, what bands do I & fellow moshers want to see this year? My top bands (in no particular order) are below! 1. Might as well start with the Headliners, shall we? Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins & Fall Out Boy. Slipknot’s latest album,Read More