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Posted On February 19, 2017By jbeavisIn Culture

The 100, reasons to watch TV again with season 4

RHIANNON POPE investigates the ongoing success of post-apocalyptic TV series The 100 and prepares you for the new season, which has just started again on CW. *WARNING: Minor plot spoiler alert The 100 is an American post apocalyptic dystopian television series that follows a group of one hundred (hence the title) underage criminals struggling to survive. With the fourth season about to air you start to wonder what makes this show popular? There have been plenty of quality shows that were cancelled. Firefly, Dollhouse and Selfie were great shows that wereRead More

Posted On February 17, 2017By bwoodIn Music, Reviews

In:Most – With You – Review

Man what a track! The new song “With You” by Brisbane/Cambridge Drum & Bass duo In:Most is such a refreshing take on typical Drum & Bass tracks. The intro to the song starts off with a vinyl crackle and a fast paced arp melody. I can already tell it’s going to be good. Then the percussion hits, so neat and smoothly produced. The rest of the song boasts luscious soft synths and vocal samples. Definitely a track to listen to on your daily commute. “With You” is part of theRead More
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Recent single reviews include an illness, a gamer, a pet, some concrete and another flashback. “Fever” – Mosaic By Jack Giess   I’m always listening to catchy Soundcloud tracks with my over-priced headphones on the train on the way home from school. It gives me ideas for my own songs like different ideas for drum fills, synth work, and groovy drum patterns. One particularly stressful day on the way home from school, my good friend Thomas Adamson was editing an overly aesthetic music video for what he described “some vaporwaveRead More

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WAAX’s Same Same Video Released

BY MARIAH JAEGER Brisbane band WAAX blessed us with a new single called ‘Same Same’ late last year and now here is the video clip! This rock heavy track is catchy with chopped up guitar riffs and gritty vocals. The band’s frontwoman Marie DeVita has strong lyrics and a voice that brings an edge of punk to the track. Since the worldwide premiere on Triple J on the 14th of November, the track has been a hit, gaining instant praise. WAAX also released a music video to accompany the song,Read More

Posted On February 10, 2017By bwoodIn Music, Reviews

Dune Rats Do It For The Kids

The thing I love about the Dune Rats is they never pretend to be anything they’re not and on sophomore release “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit” they are sticking with the tried and true; bombastic pop-punk anthems that your parents will hate. Lyrically this set of tunes will appeal to high school and college kids who want to party. 6 pack, Braindead, Scott Green and Bullshit will have them nodding, giggling, jumping and winking along. While the lyrical content is low-brow the melodies are as catchy as all getRead More

Posted On February 7, 2017By jbeavisIn Music, Releases, Reviews

Single Reviews: February 2017 Part 1

A rundown of recent singles as part of a special… “Grown Man” – Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy  By LM   ‘Grown Man’ is not like anything I have heard before, yet at the same time, reminds me of 15 different artists. The experimental jazz guitar is intricate but simple, the scat vocals are sparse but blend well with the kind of rap vocals the singer is spitting. The song has a groovy feel, a lot of which is given by the  offbeat drums. The singing style has quite a uniqueRead More

Posted On January 22, 2017By bwoodIn Events, Music, Reviews

Cold Pie and Hot Tunes at Foundry Records

When I was a kid I liked to grab some left over shepherds pie from the fridge for breakfast, maybe that’s why I enjoyed the live set from two-piece Cold Pie at Foundry Records on Saturday. The band play a brand of rock that has links to the past. Think The Kinks and The Easybeats. It’s simple stuff but infectious at the same time. For a two-piece they have enough going on to keep the punters interested. The lads add a modern twist and a healthy dose of punk attitudeRead More
Are you all as sad as us that Ryan Adams couldn’t play a Brisbane gig this week when he toured Australia? Maybe this will make you happy – a new single and the promise of a new album? Here is the new single “Do You Still Love Me?”: He has come some way from his first album Heartbreaker, but it is all good (most of it is anyway). Have a listen to this old bag and get ready for some new goodies:      Read More
Since Ngaiire released one off of 2015’s catchiest tracks ‘Once’, audiences around the country have been tripping over themselves to catch a glimpse of the future-soul queen on stage. Having spent the past 12 months tearing up festival stages as well as lending herself to support the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Leon Bridges, the Sydneysider has built one of the most solid sets I’ve seen from a local act. Released via her own label, Maximillian Brown, and co-produced by Ngaiire, her sophomore album Blastoma follows on from her 2013Read More

Posted On November 30, 2016By jbeavisIn Music, News

2Cellos, 3Concerts, Whole Lotta Fun

2Cellos are coming to Australia starting tonight! SK correspondents Bree and Phia the Reaper spoke to each other about them.   Phia the Reaper: So Bree I’m going to see the 2 Cellos in the opera house in Sydney soon. Bree: What? No way! I’m so jealous! I wish I was going.  Phia the Reaper: Well I’ll tell you all about it! Haha. Bree: I saw them last year! What are you most excited about? Phia the Reaper: What songs they choose to play! Bree: What song do you want them to play the most?Read More