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It is coming up to the 20th anniversary of the release of the Foo Fighters classic The Colour and the Shape so what better time to re-evaluate their albums? CODY COSTA did just that. No. 8: In Your Honour (2005) Coming in at last place is the 5th studio album. This album purely lacked a majority of hits and great songs that all their other albums contained. Songs like ‘Best Of You’ and ‘No Way Back’ are the standout tracks, but there isn’t much else that feels as if it isRead More
POP writer Gabi Gordon tells you here favourite five of the current top 50. How Would You Feel – Ed Sheeran     Ed Sheeran released a new album at the start of March featuring multiple favourites including “How would You Feel” and “Shape Of You”. Many of the songs released did very well internationally and have been talked about greatly (although he has recently received some harsh criticism himself). “How would you feel” particularly caught my attention because it has a very soothing sound and it is also very relatable.Read More
By Haydon Whipp Modern metal has evoked a strangely awe-inspiring trend. A form of art many don’t possess. A killer scream. Here is my compiled list — in a very particular order — of metal’s finest screamers. 5. Noah Sebastian – Bad Omens From their full-length debut last year to the 10 years in the black tour at it’s conclusion, Noah Sebastian and his band Bad Omens have given Post Hardcore screams a place in the Metalcore genre alongside melodic growls. You may question as to what a melodic growlRead More

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Kinks, All Days And All Of The Night

Young folks talk about the Kinks classic “All Day And All Of The Night” from 1964. The English band later became famous for writing about English culture with music hall and rock n roll. However, their early songs were ripping garage R ‘n’ B snorters, starting “You Really Got Me” and then this produced by the legendary Shel Talmy. You can find it on most of their compilations.    The young folks are loving it too, just ask Zac Martin and Gabe Denholm Zac – This song is very old butRead More
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Scooby Gang Rejoice, It’s Your Birthday!

It’s Happy 20th anniversary to Buffy The Vampire Slayer!! RHIANNON POPE looks back on an institution. 1997 was the beginning of many great television shows. Johnny Bravo, South Park, Teletubbies… actually scratch that last one. On March 10, 1997 WB aired a Joss Whedon show that would grow to become one of the greatest shows of all time according to several publications. TV Guide, The Rolling Stone and Time Magazine to name a few. The show I’m talking about is of course Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy The Vampire Slayer wasRead More

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Single Reviews: New and Old

NEW Ego – Milky Chance “Ego” is one of Milky Chance’s newest hits. The German folk duo-turned-trio released the track last month and it has since gained over a million views on youtube. Staying true to their origins, the song has an indie-alt-rock feel to it. “Ego” features a catchy, upbeat melody bass riff that leaves you humming it long after the song’s finished. The video itself merely has a vase of flowers with the lyrics printed underneath. “Ego, see your ego” sings the lead singer Clemens Rehbein, trapping theRead More
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Dead Memes Everywhere

By Jack Giess Memes. Memes are everywhere. Memes are the culture of the internet, it’s what most Facebook teens and young adults live and breathe when they log into their phones on their daily commute. We see them everywhere on social media and the general internet, so we must have high expectations, right? Yeah, we do, that’s why an old fart politician uses a “meme” from 5 years ago, shit hits the fan. What makes a good meme? Is it the over the top bass boost of a dirty hipRead More
Los Campesinos! - Sick Scenes album art

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Sick ones from Los Campesinos new album

By Sky D’Ercole The seven-piece alternative indie band Los Campesinos! new album Sick Scenes is out!… And it is filled to the brim with cheerful, lively riffs and beautiful lyrics. The entire album runs on the theme of mental health and coming of age through the trials and tribulations of adulthood and relationships, with Gareth Campesinos! specifically saying: “The song’s about battling with bad mental health, trying to comfort and reason with yourself over something you can’t control. Specifically it’s about how my main coping mechanism was to keep myselfRead More

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Untitled, Jordan Merrick

Keely Welch has a listen to Jordan Merrick’s new folk dream. It’s a simple song. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes that is all you need. “Untitled #1” is Brisbane band Fugitive and the Vagabond lead singer Jordan Merrick’s newest solo release and it is a folk goodie.   It’s sad and contemplative, and his choice to use nothing but his acoustic guitar and vocals focuses the attention to the lyrics. This raw approach includes a reference to the Neil Young song ‘Cortez the Killer’ whose folk leanings areRead More
Truck stop loneliness, beautiful guitar reverb, dance choreography, horns and out of time clapping made for a glorious night of beautiful Americana when Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Nightsweats toured with Australia’s own CW Stoneking to the Tivoli, Brisbane. There have been almost too many gigs in Australia lately and seeing as this is the main way for bands to make money, they would thank thee and pay some bills. I had to choose between Teenage Fanclub and CW/Nathaniel Rateliffe and it was tough but the latter won. I have seenRead More