As Georgia Medder (better known by her alias ‘G-Monster’) gets ready to release ‘Road To Victory’ to the world on the November 14th, I sat down to talk to her about the process of preparing such a unique EP. *** What kind of sound are you going for with this EP? I guess I don’t really have a sound – I have more of a message. My songs always come from an experience or an emotion, and sometimes just tell a story. Road To Victory is about my experience andRead More
WARNING! THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS… The beginning of 2014 ended with multiple cliff-hangers from some of the publics’ favourite TV shows. Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for their favourite shows such as Orange Is The New Black, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. But what has intrigued viewers with each of these shows? We are going to have a look at what makes these shows so addictive, and why you must see these top 3 season premieres. Although you may have to wait a bit for some…Read More
The Brisbane band that have a little bit of everything, Emma and The Hungry Truth. The band has an audible sound of, heart breaking lyrics, primal rhythms, tribal war cries and melodies that will melt you. The phenomenal group only formed this year and have already impacted the music industry. Emma and The Hungry Truth have just finished majority of their launch tour travelling to Adelaide and Toowoomba for their first EP Feast, the last show that they will be doing is in Brisbane on the 1st of November atRead More
COURTNEY BARNETT BY NOW, not much can be said that hasn’t been said before about Melbourne’s humble, globetrotting rocker Courtney Barnett. She has travelled the world and played numerous and marvellous music festivals, appeared live on US primetime television and sold out shows all over her home country. She writes clever, thoughtful and literate songs and with her Fenders and her band creates walls of beautiful noise with obvious pleasure in the task. This time her band was joined by The Drones’ guitar man Dan Luscombe with his piercing squalls,Read More
BRISBANE bands Violent Soho, Sheppard and Halfway brought home the goods this week at the Independent Music Awards. Violent Soho won multiples, Sheppard won breakthrough independent artist and Halfway won best independent country album. Meanwhile Melbourne singer Courtney Barnett and best independent artist winner continues her sellout tour by playing at Zoo in Fortitude Valley on Saturday night! Here’s a bit of Courtney: And here is the full list of winners: 2014 Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards winners Carlton Dry Global Music Grant Winner – Remi Best Independent Artist –Read More
SOUNDCLOUD megastar JOY. performed this acoustic performance of her electro smash Captured recently. Check this out: Also, here are some previous SK stories on JOY.: New single ‘CAPTURED’ by local gal JOY. Interview with new-comer JOY One month and 36,000 playsRead More
The arrival of the global superstar Justin Timberlake in Brisbane was a huge deal following his return to the music scene with the duo of 20/20 albums. Billed as one of the biggest shows by one of the best performers in the world, and to some ends it lived up to its name. The show started at a high level, with full use of the spectacular lighting rig and explosive full band. However the show lacked in quality from there. After showing the full potential of the setup in theRead More
PROTESTERS look the other way, it’s G20 cultural celebrations galore and here is another one for the rockers with Sydonia and Young Lions at the New Globe Theatre on November 1. Sydonia & Young Lions headline the New Globe Theatre on November 1st in a 4pm-midnight event that sees eight bands playing on the hour plus amazing Rock & Metal documentaries playing all night long in the Cinema room. Magenta Voyeur, Drawcard, As Paradise Falls, Forever the Optimist, Guards of May and Bound For Ruin join Sydonia and Young Lions.Read More