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Posted On October 24, 2016By jbeavisIn Music, News

Darling James and God’s Graffiti go Tits Up

How do you clean up God’s Graffiti? A question for the ages and also part of a tasty new song by former Queenslander Darling James. With exotic instruments and minimalist arrangements and a sound that touches briefly something resembling the 1980s if dragged into the now, God’s Graffiti is worth a listen. God’s Graffiti is part of Darling James’ new EP Theory of Mind, to be released on November 18. You can see Darling James as his usual James O’Brien when he teams up with his old bandmates The Boat PeopleRead More

Posted On October 23, 2016By Emma WhinesIn Culture, Events, Music

Top Picks for Woodford Folk Festival 2016/17

It’s that time of the year again folks! Bring out your cork hats, water sprayers and gummies* , the 2016/17 Woodford Folk Festival is fast approaching! With the just released line-up including Amanda Palmer, Gang of Youths, Tash Sultana, Urthboy, Paul Kelly and Charlie Owen just to name a few! Asha Jefferies takes an in-depth look into 3 acts you MUST see at this year’s WFF. Tash Sultana Fast attention has turned to independent singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Tash Sultana. One must wonder how a busker on Melbourne’s local streets canRead More
“Thank you for coming to see Irish people singing about their feelings,” says Glen Hansard with a smile and a stretch. It is towards the end of the first gig of his Australian tour and he is fresh from a few weeks holiday on our east coast. And we are feeling his energy. He is constantly humble, charming us with personal tales of stealing friend Damien Rice’s rider wine and breaking into famous Irish tenor’s old houses; writing songs about crushes on a bar server in a New York pub;Read More
BY BRIANNA COYNE You’d think after 17 years with little to show for it, rock band American Football would’ve disappeared into the abyss of should’ve-been-would’ve-been artists, never to be heard of again. You thought wrong. Since their last release in 1999, the band has been almost non-existent until the announcement in late-August that they would be releasing a second self-titled album. Woah, right? I must say, it’s a pretty incredible marketing strategy – if you’ve got 17 years to spare, that is. But why is there so much hype? What ifRead More
Americana seems to have overtaken Country in the Billboard charts in the US and fair enough too. Fans of Americana see it as the more authentic cousin of country, harking back to the country of 1970s or earlier, or reflecting the early blues and folk of pre-WWII. It has less of the polished sheen of modern country and less of the factory-manufactured production of modern country-pop. Brisbane seems to have its fair share of Americana fans too, with anywhere from 300 to 500 people turning up to the Morrison Hotel inRead More

Posted On October 16, 2016By Emma WhinesIn Music

Guardians Of The Musical Galaxy

If you have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy, stop reading this go watch it. I promise it will be worth your while, and when you’re finished, you can come back and we can fangirl together. Okay? Okay. So now that the formalities are over, lets dive straight into the soundtrack. The soundtrack mainly consists of songs from the 70s such as the 1974 hit Come and Get Your Love by Redbone which is completely and utterly my jam at the moment. The soundtrack completes the movie as it addsRead More
Splendour In the Grass is quickly becoming one of the biggest festivals in the world and I can bet my bottom dollar that you know someone who went. That is, if you didn’t go yourself. Falls is a festival that is quickly catching up in terms of popularity and is great option if you happened to miss Splendour, as a lot of artists tend to double up and play at both. BUT if you are a party animal and like to get freaky on the Byron Coast twice a year then we’ve got you coveredRead More
By INDIA WALLIS “I want to inspire more girls to play guitar. It’s not easy to be a female musician. To be a role model in any way is awesome.” – Orianthi Standing confidently at the edge of the stage with her guitar hanging low. Her fingers sweeping the guitar neck faster than the speed of a racecar. In awe, I didn’t even want to take out my iPhone like the usual concert “zombie” does – watching the performance through their screen. In fact, not many people had their phonesRead More
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If you like superhero narratives or good drama that makes more than one declaration, I sure hope you have seen Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix. Joining others from the Marvel Defenders series – Daredevil, Jessica Jones – Luke Cage is similarly dark, violent and a rollicking good binge watch. It makes its arguments about culture in the post-“Black Lives Matter” of American society and does so pointedly and with style, but many writers have praised it in more educated ways than I can (have a quick search, you will find it,Read More

Posted On October 9, 2016By Emma WhinesIn Music

The Altar – BANKS

Everyone has that artist that they stumbled across on a late night music hunt, and straight away, dubbed them as the next big thing because they are just that good. More often than not, it happens and people are left believing they should be running the A&R devision of Sony music. It’s a beautiful thing to watch an artist blossom before your eyes, especially when you knew it from the start and it’s happened to me three times in the short span of my life. The first time it was Adele, thenRead More