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FORMER Brisbane barista and folk singer-songwiter Gabriella Cohen has taken her dreamy-sad-beautiful music to Dot Dash & Remote Control Records. Congrats Gabriella! She released her debut album Full Closure and No Details independently in March this year and if you like something a little sparse and wonderfully pensive which a touch of pleasantly odd, then please have a listen. Try this: The album itself unfolds in a mysterious way with a full band but Gabriella Cohen often performs by herself with her electric guitar nevertheless holding audience attention with her own obscureRead More

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A 17 year old girl, well beyond her years, sits in her Brisbane home, eating hummus and mixing up a fabulous concoction of procrastination and tears all over her philosophy assignment. While the tears happen to the best of us, procrastination in the form of whipping up a brand new album is something to be admired rather than be related to, but hey, its all in a days work for supreme queen, Asha Jefferies. Emma Whines catches up with the Brisbanite and talks all about her new tunes and why changeRead More

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Tonight Alive Finally Release Limitless Album

Australian pop-punk band, Tonight Alive, has recently released their latest studio album, accompanied by music videos for their singles from the album. Tonight Alive is a five-piece band originating in Sydney. They formed in 2008. With three albums already under their belt, they have recently released a new album and several singles. With over two years in the making, this album has been highly anticipated by their fans. Tonight Alive’s latest video for their song, ‘Drive’, begins with a montage of moving trucks, moving buses and clips of the bandRead More
Oh man! Have you heard the new album from Eli Paperboy Reed? I know you cats like soul and gospel with the edges left rough, rocketing through the chord changes like a man trying to get to a secular heaven before the end of the song. Okay maybe you haven’t heard of him cos you are a scene kid or you only listen to early Metallica or haven’t really moved past Australian hip hop. That’s okay, get a load of it. It’s got a sense of style in that tightRead More

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If you spend most of your spare time browsing social media, you may have seen the #keepcommunityradio hashtag floating around. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve chosen to ignore it in fear of finding out you’ve been rick rolled into another spiral of memes, but fear not! This little hashtag actually has a whole a lot of meaning for you morning radio goers, that I can bet your bottom dollar, you’ll be interested in. Australian leadership seems to be changing at least once every couple of months these days and us Aussies seem to beRead More
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It is hard to know how a man should be in his habitus. Here is the first in a series of articles that present an opinion on the matter. Wear your food on your beard: People judge you by how you look and unless you are 12 year old with a tape worm, you are not eating all day, so leaving a trace of food in your beard shows people what they can think of you. Vegans, you know what to do. Oil your beard: Many men do this with specially prepared productsRead More
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By P-Mac It’s been five years since The King of Limbs was released in 2011, and not much has been happening since then for pioneering English band Radiohbead. That was until May 1st, where the band’s social media went blank and all of the content from their website erased. Some of Radiohead’s fans also received mysterious leaflets, containing hints to the title of the first single, which dropped only two days after Radiohead went dark. “Burn The Witch” is a haunting, utterly authentic track; and the creepy stop-motion animated musicRead More
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Shout out to all of the super pale, white snowflakes out there. I understand your struggles. Foundation? More like a temporary self tan! I have been through thick and thin with my foundations, finding great formulas but never the right colour. It’s hard to believe makeup companies don’t discriminate. But don’t you worry I have two solutions for you today (links to the products are below). Kat Von D has a makeup line which can be found in Sephora stores in Melbourne and Sydney or online. In this makeup lineRead More

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Bands To Watch: THE VANNS

I believe that there are three things that makes a band great. Charisma, talent and the ability to make people dance. And when I say dance, I don’t mean bob in the one spot cause you don’t wanna look awkward dance. I mean jumping up and down, head banging, booty groovin’ dancing and boy, do The Vanns know how to deliver. At first I was skeptical. Young bands often have a reputation for being lackadaisical at their live shows  but by the third song they had even the most uptight punters upRead More
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“I Couldn’t Think Of A Better Choice” – Zakk Wylde “Axl Rose Shows Will Be ‘Karaoke’’ – Roger Daltrey   The news has shaken up the rock n roll industry. Brian Johnson was advised to stop playing live or “risk total hearing loss”. The band is still continuing their Rock or Bust world tour, which is set to play 12 European dates. The rockers had no fear on what to do though – they asked none other than Axl Rose. Axl started the first show with the Aussie rockers inRead More