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Goodez Interview

Written By Marree Guerrero on March 15 2014

NCPIC Competition runner up Goodez (Carl Goodwin) had a chat to us about a handful of wonderful things currently progressing in his career.

How did you get the inspiration for Ease The Pain ft. Lili Kendall?
I got the inspiration for Ease the Pain through the competition’s criteria. The song had to be about the harmful effects of cannabis, but I thought using a girl named Mary Jane would be an interesting and creative way to get the message across to listeners.

Did you expect to go far in the NCPIC competition?
I definitely wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did in the competition, although I was definitely aiming for the top 2 positions.

Who are some of your creative influences?
My creative influences would definitely be the 750 Rebels, Fluent Form, Kings Konekted, Lyrical Commission, The Optimen and The Coalition Crew.

What can be expected from your upcoming EP?
A lot can be expected from my upcoming EP. This has been all I’ve been working on since the competition track basically and in my opinion it has a great variety of song style and lyrics.

What are your goals and aspirations for your music in the near future?
My goals and aspirations for my music in the near future would just be performing gigs and writing more tracks. I love getting up on stage and also love listening to the finished product of my songs. Another goal would be to win the Hilltop Hoods Initiative and to get some airtime through the Triple J hip-hop show.


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