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Jack Colwell Interview

Written by Hannah Fraser on March 14 2014

We were warned that Jack Colwell was an ‘interesting’ chat, and he proved this theory to be correct – not that we are at all complaining! A very refreshing and enticing insight to the classically-trained composer turned alternative pop-star –

Who is Jack Colwell?
A small-town / big city light 24 year young boy experimenting with lyfe and kulcha.

As a big hair enthusiast, who has the best big hair at the moment?
Joan Rivers waking up in a wig after a big night on the town fighting with Barbera Streisand via tweeter.

Do you think being a classically trained composer has helped you become the musician that you are today?
In some ways, I used to be quite a snob about this and thought it made me a lot better than maybe it really did, but at the end of the day a good song is a good song if it’s honest and true.

Who or what inspires you when writing music?
My many failed attempts at same sex relationships.

You got to perform at the Sydney Opera House with Architecture In Helsinki, how surreal was it?
It was pretty mental, I’d never done anything that huge before and to be thrown in the deep end like that was a bit scary, but they were fantastic to work with and we’ve still kept in contact. I recently arranged an Acapella singing group (Acapella in Sex-KINKY!) for their DREAM A LITTLE CRAZY (cray cray) single launch at GoodGod. They’re really warm hearted people.

How would you describe your live shows?
I’ve read many reviews, some people like to say I’m a bit Nick Cave or Patrick Wolf, sometimes they can get a bit Cat Power, if you know what I mean…

Just recently your new music video for ‘Far From View’ was released, what was the concept behind it?
Fallen Heroine experiences a sexual awakening on prom night, faces bitter shame and regret under a Lynchian wash. A bit like looking in the mirror for me personally. We’re beyond the looking glass now…

What else can we expect from you in 2014?
I will be releasing a second single further down the track, DON’T CRY THOSE TEARS, another light hearted romp, and will be touring with Ella Hooper in late March – April for our double single release. Ella is a good friend and mentor and I really couldn’t be happier to share the stage with someone I admire so much.

Lastly, if you could bring one fashion trend back to life what would it be?
David Bowie’s codpiece from ‘The Labyrinth’ and some bedazzling. Everyone needs a bedazzling gun.


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