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Owls Of The Swamp – Atlas Review

Before today I had never heard of Owls Of The Swamp unless someone was referring to the cute fluffy birds that perch in trees. But in this case I bring you the indie folk project of singer songwriter Pete Uhlenbruch. From Melbourne Australia Pete brings a new dynamic synthesized sound accompanied by airy vocals that leave you feeling warm and calm.

After his last album Go With The River received one of the sleeper hits of the year in 2011, Pete is back again with his third album Atlas. Moving from Australia to Iceland meant Owls Of The Swamp took a swim in the popular Icelandic musicians pool with artists such as Sigur Ros and Asgier Trausti, which helped shape the sound for Atlas.

His new single Shapeshifter brings a wholesome and melodic taste to a beautiful lullaby like sing along that is sure to bring you right back down to reality.  But then you hear Garden, which is another track from the album. You then hear more of a fuller track with multiple doubles of his vocals creating more of ghost like vibe, almost like a dream where you’re flying.

I was really taken back by this artist by how well he takes you on a journey throughout his songs. Your mind is taken almost out of your body and you feel sleepy but not in a bad way. Not out of boredom but out of utter relaxation.

If you like artists such as Chet Faker, Swell Season and Nick Drake then you will enjoy Owls Of The Swamp. Or if you enjoy calming music to bring you back down to earth then you should certainly give this guy a listen!

Atlas is available through band camp for pre order now and will be release on Tuesday May 6th.


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