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‘My Echo’ Live Review

My Echo : Release The Hounds : Columbia Buffet : Columbus

Brisbane Beetle Bar.

May 16th.

It’s one thing to know how to play to a packed venue, but it’s another to play to your true fans just like you were playing to thousands. So with that alone My Echo smashed it. Considering I’ve only recently heard about this band I am more than pleased with their performance. It may have been the tattoos or a nicely groomed moustaches that added to the life they had on stage but playing their hearts out to the dedicated fans and bar staff at the Beetle Bar left my 12 o clock finish on a high! Supported by Brisbane bands Release the Hounds, Columbia Buffet and Columbus the night as a whole was entertaining during and between songs. My first question was why was there not more Brisbane folk checking these guys out? And why was their set only 45 minutes? I was enjoying it so much that I felt it was all over too soon. I could have definitely had enjoyed another cider while watching My Echo for another half hour or more. The venue of choice really suited the bands relaxed persona while they smashed their punk rock music and addictive song lyrics. I would like to thank the bands for an awesome night and a special thankyou to the guys from My Echo for having me come out and experience what you had to offer. So if you haven’t already, be sure to check these guys out because I wouldn’t mind them being the Echo to the soundtrack of my Saturday night!




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