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Bliss N Eso talk Street Machines and New Music

G-MON talks to Bliss n Eso about street machine fest Summernats 28 happening soon in our nation’s capital.


1: How does it feel to be one of the headlining acts for Summernats 28?  

It’s awesome, we are really excited about it. I’m not sure whether you know but we have just completed our brand new kombi which is a van we drive on the stage. The roof opens up like a crazy transformer and our DJ pops out and we play the whole set from it. It’s perfectly lined with a gig like this, we get to display it the day after and let all the punters get up close and personal with it which should be cool. It’s the perfect gel between our music and our fan-base, the Summernats fan-base and car culture.

2: How did you secure your spot at Summernats?

They called up and said “Hey, do you want to come play” it was pretty easy! The other cool thing is our band’s number is 28 and it just happens to be the 28th Summernats so that made a little starring moment for us as well.

3: Are you looking forward to playing alongside Illy and Havana Brown?

Yeah definitely, Illy used to support us back in the day when we used to tour. Years and years ago he used to open up for us, so we have years of being on the road with him. He’s a good friend and we know him well so it’ll be great to hang out with him and the rest of the acts it’ll be cool!

4: Do you have any new songs we can expect to hear at your set?

Maybe, but I should say we are creating new songs right now. We are actually in the studio recording our brand new album that will be released next year. So yes we do have some new stuff coming up the pipe line.

 5: Will you be involved in the world record attempt for burn outs in the Bliss N Eso kombi?

Possibly not in the Kombi, but we do have some friends coming down with some crazy cars that we will do some hot locks in and get down and dirty, which should be fun.

6: Will there be any collaborations between you and the other artists after this festival??

Look you never know, you never know what the future holds with collaborations. Nothing confirmed yet but definitely not saying nothing will happen eventually.

7: Are there any other festivals or shows coming up that we should know about?

Yes! We are playing the Good Life Festival, which is an under 18s festival that travels around the country to 4 major cities. It’s got a very similar line up to Future Music Festival. That should be a lot of fun to get out to the underage crowd as they miss out on a lot of concerts.

 8: Any tips for upcoming musicians?

Yeah absolutely. It’s all about keeping focused on what you love, working really hard and not giving up. A lot of artists get overwhelmed by the massive feed it is to become successful and it is a massive feed. It takes a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work. It really comes down to sticking with it and being as dedicated as you can as well as keeping the goal and the vision of who you want to be, or who you want to become very clear in your head every single day.



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