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Elise Takes on the Ekka 2015

The Ekka is a historical part of Brisbane’s culture and a mandatory stop for anyone visiting in the month of August. We sent one of our writers, Elise Hobbs, to give us all the nitty gritty details about this years Ekka.

My boyfriend and I arrived at the gates bright and early, walked straight in with our pre-bought tickets and straight away the smell of cow poop hit us. Welcome to the Ekka.
Quickly we found a locker to put our strategically packed bag in before heading to side show alley with our pre-bought ride passes and a bit of cash. The rides towered above us, blaring music and flashing different coloured lights. After carefully observing all of the rides we decided to start out safely with the ferris wheel then made our way over to the vomit inducing rides that made us giddy. Once we lost some cash on games, the Woolworths pavilion was practically calling our names.

Jim’s Beef Jerky, nitrogen ice cream, mini hot dogs, cheese toasties, gnocchi, wine, lollies, chocolate milk and countless other foods were ingested inside the Woolworths pavilion before we took a seat and enjoyed a cooking lesson. After taking mental notes on how to cook our Wagyu beef from that point forward, we received a taste test, further proving us horrible cooks.

We strayed out into the burning sun to our lockers once more to apply sunscreen and stock up on cash, what can I say, the $7 nitrogen ice cream was SO worth it. The wood chopping commenced and to say I was impressed is an understatement, if you ever have the chance in 2016, be sure to watch it.

We then made our way over to the dog show where dogs of all shapes and sizes were competing with their owners in tow. Friends of ours had Bernese Mountain dogs competing and I am now convinced they are the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen.

It was then time for more food – McCains curly fries, a beef and gravy roll and a super strawberry sundae (which consisted of vanilla soft serve, fresh strawberries and whipped cream because I don’t actually like strawberry ice cream which is found in the traditional strawberry sundaes… sorry world).

We then made the inevitable trip to the show bag pavilion where we purchased Bertie Beetles, Smiths chips and a horse mask. “Ekka with horse-face” was the status I made with a photo of myself and my boyfriend wearing the horse mask. After we retrieved our bag from the locker we went to listened to Bridget O’Shannessy’s lovely country tunes as the sun set.

One last trip to the Woolworths pavilion where we bought more gnocchi, nitrogen ice cream and mini hot dogs before making our way to the arena for the main event of the night. The monster trucks and motor bikes did wheelies and flips while I wondered why I had never thought of taking up motor cross. I then reminded myself that I would struggle staying on top of a motor bike let alone do flips on it. The fireworks then started and an audible “wow” swept across the whole arena. Beautiful colours filled the sky above us, ending the day with a literal bang.

The Ekka 2015 was most certainly about Brisbane culture and its people. If there’s any advice I can give about the Ekka is to pre purchase your tickets, take sunscreen and hand sanitiser and take a look at everything. Oh and buy lots of food.

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