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BAD//DREEMS release a Monster of a Record

Halloween seems like an appropriate time to review the latest release, Dogs at Bay, from Adelaide four piece Bad//Dreems. It’s an absolute monster of a record. One that follows in the great tradition of Aussie rock. Produced by legendary Mark Opitz (AC/DC, The Angels, Cold Chisel) the record is raw and gritty with a bucket load of grunt. 

“We made a list of dream producers. Near the top of that list was Mark Opitz” recalls Alex Cameron. “I was amazed by the number and breadth of classic albums he had made. I was more amazed when I emailed him and he was available and keen to work with us.”

Opener News Boys rips in with a dark punk/rock tone and the following eleven tracks just keep on giving from there. This could well be our favourite album of the year. In an age of over produced and brightly polished music it’s refreshing to hear something that is real and unmistakably Australian, chock full of tunes you can sing along to whilst downing a schooner at the local with your pluggers stuck to the beer soaked carpet, grinning stupidly at your best mate. Cheers lads, we’ll see you on your next run of shows.

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