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That One Song (or 5 or 50) You Love But Can’t Listen To Anymore


Ah, music. Listening to it is great. But I bet sometimes you wish you didn’t listen to it so much. Yes, I’m talking about the times you listen to a song you haven’t heard in months, maybe even years, where you get flashbacks of memories so vivid that you become traumatised and don’t listen to that particular song for another lengthy period of time.

Remember that song that you listened to on repeat with your girlfriends for a solid 6 months? Remember how that song was your go-to party song and whenever it came on, you and all your girlfriends would bust out into a complex choreographed dance routine that everyone was impressed by? Remember how your girl gang broke up after a nasty bought of rumours and backstabbing? Yeah, that song hasn’t been played in years.


Remember that song you listened to with your high school sweetheart? Remember how it was ‘your’ song, and you listened to it whilst lying down underneath the trees in each other’s arms? Remember when, after you broke up, you listened to that song on repeat while crying your eyes out in the dark? Yep, you would probably rather hear one-hour of nails scraping down a chalkboard than hear that song ever again.


Remember that song your parents used to play when you were a kid? The one that, whenever you hear it, you get transported back in time to when you were 8, 10, 12 years old, when you were innocent and untainted by the world? The one that makes you want to be a kid again, energetic and carefree? This song probably brings back so many nostalgic memories that it’s uncomfortable, so you rarely listen to it.


We all have songs like these. Why not make a playlist with all the songs you can no longer listen to, and one day listen to them all?

EDITOR NOTE: We are still waiting for Skye’s playlist but every time we ask to do it we find her in the office crying, sometimes while dancing, sometimes just in the corner in foetal position and sometimes on the couch stroking an imaginary puppy.

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