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SITG 2017: Interview with HWLS

Splendour In The Grass 2017 reporter MARIAH JAEGER spoke to electro producer HWLS about his upcoming slot at this year’s SITG.

SK: You recently dropped your new album EP02. Does the album have a specific theme or focus?

HWLS: The EP was just a chance to try some different things and work with a couple of close producers from back home, just wanted to take the HWLS sound to another world and build on what we had done before.

SK: How has your sound evolved from your past works?

HWLS: I guess it’s a little more experimental within the bass world, but still building around emotive melodies and strong driving drums.

SK: You recently toured with Flume, how did it feel opening for Flume and what did you take away from the experience?

HWLS: It was a great experience. His fans are quite open to all types of music so it gave me a lot of flexibility to play new music some people may not have heard. I learnt how to play to larger crowds while still staying true to what I want to represent as an artist.

SK: How does your music respond to the crowd at music festivals?

HWLS: I find festivals fun if everything is programmed right and run well, there is a lot of energy to feed off so I just like to have fun with it and hopefully the crowd comes along too.

SK: Do you prefer playing to festival crowds or in more intimate venues?

HWLS: 50/50 it all depends really, but I do enjoy playing dark dank rooms where you’re pretty much on the dance floor with the crowd, that’s fun!

SK: We are looking forward to see you play at Splendour In The Grass. What special plans do you have for your set at Splendour?

HWLS: I’m looking forward to being there! So far no special plans but we’ll see. I just want to go in and do a strong/different DJ set and hopefully the crowd can feed off it too!

SK: What has been one of your favourite experiences or moments from being on tour.

HWLS: Being able to play some large and historic venues over the past year has been amazing, From the Shrine in LA 4 times to Red Rocks last year, that has been great, but meeting all the awesome artists and people that work behind the scenes has been a highlight too.

SK: What is the next project or goal in line for HWLS?

HWLS: I just want to keep creating music and keep releasing material, so I have been busy writing again and hopefully i can show you some directions soon.

SK: What is your advice for a young Australian producer trying to break into the music industry?

HWLS: Just keep learning and keep writing, don’t be afraid to show people what you have done or what you have learnt, Just do something different. Growth is key and people want to see that. Also be nice to people you encounter and stay humble no matter what you accomplish.

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