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Let’s remember the great Tom Searle

In modern music, some of the most powerful messages have been conveyed in metal; protests to politicians standing for personal gain, anger at seeing a never-ending war and rallying anthems telling the depressed and lonely that they’re not by themselves.

One of the bands at the forefront of these messages is Architects. Known for their incredibly heavy sound and impressively complex guitar riffs courtesy of Tom Searle who passed away one year ago on Sunday after a three year battle with cancer.

(Tom Searle, Source: Architect’s Facebook)

At the time, the sad news was broken by Tom’s twin brother and drummer of Architects, Dan Searle; Fans spread strong messages of love and support for the band and set up a charity to donate to the hospital that was taking care of him.

Architects continued to tour in tribute to Tom, committing to the world that he would be remembered.

“We stand on this stage, for one reason, and one reason only. We’re not up here for any kind of ego boost or for any kind of money making fucking bullshit. We’re standing up here because of our dear friend who was one of the most incredibly talented and beautiful people you could ever come across in your entire life.”

  • Sam Carter, Vocalist of Architects before performing Gone With The Wind at Melkweg The Max Amsterdam

(Gone With The Wind)
“Of all the patterns that I could create,

I built a labyrinth with no escape

To keep my ‘self’ under lock and key

I am my own worst enemy.”
(Lyrics from Gone With The Wind)

Tom was the lead songwriter of Architects and never hesitated to tell people to stand up for what they believe in, and to stand for what was right.

Whether or not Architects will continue to release music is not yet known.

I’d like to thank Tom for what he gave us, show him how his music has affected people I know and myself personally.

“This song’s for Tom Searle”

  • Sam Carter

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