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Bigsound definitely a big wow!

So Bigsound is on in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and happening this week!!

I’m here to tell you all about it and get you excited!. So whats on? Well there’s the music festival,  conferences, carties, masterclasses, showcases for visual art and music tech.

The amazing act lists for the music festival is out of this world. We have our own showcase at SK headquarters on Thursday morning at 8am with some of the Music Industry College kids but also there are bands such as Ocean Alley, Good Boy, INTROVERT and many more fabulous bands that demand your attention.

Not only is Ocean Alley performing but they will also be speaking at the Thursday conference day. No big surprise here by I will for sure be attending that conference (internally screams with excitement forever).


Bigsound is held in the music hub of Brisbane Fortitude Valley. The valley is a playground of music, food and good coffee. Hit up places such as LTD and Reverends for some fantastic coffee. With welcoming service and a comfy place to chat why not get coffee at these two places.  

Purple pass holders will have access to the promise land of parties. Various parties everyday of Bigsound.

Bigsound, sounds like a big music party. Get keen!

Let us know in the comments if you’re going!!     


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