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Golden Vessel at Bigsound

Brisbane’s prime annual music conference/festival Bigsound is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Bigsound is responsible for laying down the foundations for some of the best new musical acts, including young Brisbane beat lord Max Byrne aka. Golden Vessel. JACK GEISS asked Max some questions about Bigsound and how it’s helped shape his music.


Hey Max! So you’re playing Bigsound this year at the TBC club, how are you feeling about it?

Really excited! Bigsound is my fave time of the year cause I get to catch up with friends from other cities and show them what I’ve been up to on stage.

Have you got any surprises for your set?

Will be playing a couple of new songs and might have a cheeky guest come up.

How has your slot at Bigsound last year through the Triple J Unearthed competition helped build a footpath to where your music is today?

Last year was incredible, we performed to a packed out Oh Hello for my showcase and we got a booking deal out of it with New World Artists which has given me some awesome opportunities for performing across Australia

So you’ve just released a new track and music video last Friday called “Less~More” feat. Brisbane girls OKBADLANDS! what’s the story behind that song?

I started that one back in July 2016 with my friend Abraham in Melbourne, we were just jamming and I compiled a few of our ideas into a track. I then got my very talented friends OKBADLANDS involved too.

How does a Golden Vessel track usually start out?

It usually starts with a sound that sparks some interest. So to help with that process I do a lot of recording of instruments / vocals / everyday life and compile that into folders of samples and loops that I can quickly access and get inspired from to make a track out of.

How has your sound evolved since your debut EP “Before Sleep”?

I think I’ve just come into my own more. My tastes have diversified and I’ve pushed my sound design further.

You’ve just recently finished your Shoulders tour playing shows across the East Coast, how was that?

Yeah so fun! All the shows had lovely crowds and was so fun having Elkkle as main support for the whole thing

Do you prefer playing to larger crowds such as festivals or more intimate venues?

I like playing to intimate venues where there’s more of a connection between the stage and the crowd but playing to numbers is always exciting too

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Probably a show I had in Brisbane back in March where we launched by single “Tell The-Girl”. We sold out the venue and unveiled some projections i’d been working on for 8 months and it all went very smoothly!

You’re also about to go on tour with The Kite String Tangle! The tour is taking place across Australia in some really nice venues, have you got any plans for a new live show for that tour?

Connor (aka. Akurei, who performs with me) and I have been finessing the set for the last year and a half so I think for this tour we’ll just be pushing the dynamics and energy an extra 10%. And will be adding a couple of new songs into the mix.

We hear you’re releasing a new EP on September 29th!

Yeah! It’s my second EP, it’s six tracks and it’s called ‘Right/Side’. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

What’s the next musical project in line for Golden Vessel after the new EP is out?

I’m starting to work on an album which is exciting and daunting, i’ll also keep doing heaps of production stuff for my friends.

Now to finish off, Starving Kids has a large youth audience, most of us being young musicians! What’s the most important advice you would give a young producer starting off in the industry?

I think just keep your head down and work hard till you’re really happy with your music and then work hard at releasing it well. It’s easy to rush and get discouraged but sometimes you just have to be patient.

Catch Golden Vessel at the TBC club on Tuesday the 5th of September at 11:20 – 11:50pm.


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