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NEW MUSIC: Xander Holmes’ Something Real

Xander Holmes might need to prepare himself for plenty of new experiences after this single is released. A song about new experiences and positivity clashing with reality, with coolly pulsing electric guitar, synths droning lightly in the background and a steady kick drum.

But he is never tempted to turn this into a rocker, even when he lets go in a middle eight, his soaring to the front of the mix, a bass guitar nibbling at your consciousness.

Working with producer Aaron Shanahan, formerly of Miami Horror, Xander Holmes new music is a mature from his Ocean EP and should see his name move beyond soon. However, maybe not before he finishes school, as he is in his last couple of months of Year 12.

Xander Holmes launches his new single at 38 Berwick on October 28 with Harry Hart and Asha Jefferies in support.

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