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Seavera Announces Debut EP With New Single “Make Me Uncomfortable” & Touring

In the swirling twilight between inky darkness and bright revelation is where Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton meet to excavate the essence of Seavera.

The duo reunited when they moved into the same street in Melbourne after first meeting as young teens in northern NSW. It took years of living several thousand kilometres apart for each to realise that the connection that had initially brought them together in their youth would bring them back again: an obsession with the truth.

Together, they forged their forthcoming debut EP (Due March 2nd), including the latest single, “Make Me Uncomfortable” (out this Friday) in Dan’s back shed as well as in makeshift studios across Fitzroy.

Playing around with acoustic guitars, random things they found in Dan’s back yard, and an out of tune upright they had inherited from friend, “Make Me Uncomfortable” is an elegy to the kind of people who live daringly, the ones that aren’t afraid to challenge themselves, to seek honesty, truth and authenticity in the way that they choose to live.

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Friday March 2nd – Leadbelly, Sydney
Saturday March 3rd – The Toff In Town, Melbourne
Saturday March 10th – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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