About Starving Kids

Starving Kids, the record label that brought you The Winnie Coopers, The Medics, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, The Paper and The Plane, Fushia, Greenthief and many more is making a change after 10 years in the Brisbane music scene. We won’t stop releasing music instead we are branching out to include a range of youth led events and arts projects.

When we were founded, in 2004, our aim was to help emerging musicians get their music to a wider audience but it was always one of our goals to help out in other areas of the arts. We’ve always been about helping those who need our help the most.

Projects including all ages venue The Hive, boutique festival Valley Vibes and music blog Dearhead Press will also be consolidated under the SK banner.

We have a number of new initiatives that are very exciting, including a new 170 capacity all ages venue due to open in October, an increased budget for funding projects that is accessible to young people in the greater Brisbane area, multi-art exhibitions, and a run of zines.

SK has and will continue to work with charity groups to help alleviate helplessness and suffering in the community. To date SK have run a number of events that have raised awareness, funding and collected physical goods for the Indonesian tsunami, as well as Brisbane and Melbourne’s homeless young people. We have partnered with BoysTown, Brisbane Youth Services, Tear Australia, The Spot Youth Services, Nightspot Youth homelessness services and a range of others. This important aspect of SK will continue.

Starving Kids is a youth community focused on Music, Art and Culture and run by an enthusiastic young team from Brisbane.

SK is a PLATFORM for artists and industry workers to communicate and develop as a professional community.

It serves as the umbrella for Music Art Business and Culture within the youth arts scene in Brisbane.


Got a project in mind that Starving Kids could facilitate?

Starving Kids could assist you in your Music/Art/Culture project through providing access to a vast network of both youth and industry professionals, mentoring, facilities and financial assistance where possible.

Some artists that we’ve helped in the past include The Medics, The Winnie Coopers and Dan Van Zutphen as well as putting on such all ages events as Valley Vibes, Stuff the Stocking and The Kids Are Alright.

Example for a Music based project;

  • Are you a singer/songwriter looking to record an EP?
  • Need access to a network of musicians and recording professionals?
  • Possibly a publicist to help you promote?
  • Looking for a venue to launch your EP?
  • Haven’t got a clue how to run an event?

Through SK’s hands on approach, we could help develop your ideas and give you crucial networks and knowledge to achieve and succeed with your project, and in the music industry.