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Posted On November 9, 2017By jbeavisIn Music, News, Releases

Passionate Love Plea For Abbe May Single

“The rise and fall of passionate love” is the subject of Western Australian singer-songwriter Abbe May’s sultry new single “Love Decline”: “I wrote Love Decline after hearing an older man suggest that people don’t really fall in love after a certain age. He was talking about passionate love; the kind that requires a degree of foolish youthfulness,” said May. “I found his romantic cynicism confronting. I’m still young and I’m still learning but I hope that old man wasn’t right about love being a load of crap.” Find your inner romantic and have a listen to AbbeRead More
RUTH DENNEHY has spent the last few months listening to Snow Patrol. Find out why: Snow Patrol, Celtic legends, whatever you want to call them, they’re amazing. So amazing in fact, I’ve been listening to them on repeat for the last 2 months and still not sick of them. Which is hard for me because I listen to music practically 24/7. The lead singer Gary Lightbody is a super smart Northern Irish/Scottish dude who considers himself “rubbish with women”. His honesty and humility is a pleasant change from the typicalRead More

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ILLMATIC: Rap’s Biggest Gatekeeper

How Illmatic stayed fresh and exciting 23 years after its release. This year marks 23 years since Illmatic was first released, and it still sounds as fresh and vibrant as ever. Every hiphop head I’ve spoken to recalls vividly the first time I heard it. Everyone says the same thing, similar to “whoa, what is this?!” because thats the effect Nas has on people.   That’s how much better Nas was when he first came out. Illmatic is 10 tracks long, nine full songs and one skit, which comes rightRead More
Xander Holmes - Stripes 2

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NEW MUSIC: Xander Holmes’ Something Real

Xander Holmes might need to prepare himself for plenty of new experiences after this single is released. A song about new experiences and positivity clashing with reality, with coolly pulsing electric guitar, synths droning lightly in the background and a steady kick drum. But he is never tempted to turn this into a rocker, even when he lets go in a middle eight, his soaring to the front of the mix, a bass guitar nibbling at your consciousness. Working with producer Aaron Shanahan, formerly of Miami Horror, Xander Holmes newRead More

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Asha’s Already Killing It With Coburg

Asha Jefferies is your local 18 year old singer-songwriter with a beautiful soaring voice, a mature lyrical mind and a way with dynamics with or without a band. And “Coburg” is her latest single that is being played on Triple J and everywhere else that likes good music. Recorded with help from  Brisbane producer Jeff Lovejoy and the legendary Kellie Lloyd as well as Chris Bancroft and Gary Eldershaw from Asha’s regular band “Coburg” is a lament and a celebration of a harshly learned lesson. Somewhere between a shimmering textureRead More

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SK Showcase #1

We’ve put together a showcase of emerging local talent next Thursday night October 19 at The Bloodhound Corner Bar. For a tenner you get Bixby Canyon ” is an entirely unique sound, combining progressive grunge with hardcore, metal, and alternative pop into one big, messy ball of hard rock insanity.” For The Wolves ” is a hard-hitting alternative rock outfit from Brisbane” and The Cheapskates “site influences of bands such as “The Clash”, “The Smiths”, and  they have harmonies that will entice you to come back for more and more and more.” Come grab a brewRead More

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Bigsound 2017: Stay Woke, Stay Punk, Stay Relevant

Bigsound reporter PHIA THE REAPER had a gander at the conference and got punk. Speakers: Emily Kelly DEATHPROOF, Hayley Connelly from Little Press, Roy Amar from Bear Parts Music, Tom Taaffe from United Talent Agency, Janine Morcos from Cooking Vinyl. This conference was topical and interesting. The panel guests reflected on hardcore band The Dickies and a misogynist rant from their lead singer Leonard Graves Phillips while on the Warped tour.   Tom: I can’t understand how they can defend themselves. I doubt we would book a band like that.Read More

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Golden Vessel at Bigsound

Brisbane’s prime annual music conference/festival Bigsound is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Bigsound is responsible for laying down the foundations for some of the best new musical acts, including young Brisbane beat lord Max Byrne aka. Golden Vessel. JACK GEISS asked Max some questions about Bigsound and how it’s helped shape his music.   Hey Max! So you’re playing Bigsound this year at the TBC club, how are you feeling about it? Really excited! Bigsound is my fave time of the year cause I get to catch upRead More

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Bigsound definitely a big wow!

So Bigsound is on in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and happening this week!! I’m here to tell you all about it and get you excited!. So whats on? Well there’s the music festival,  conferences, carties, masterclasses, showcases for visual art and music tech. The amazing act lists for the music festival is out of this world. We have our own showcase at SK headquarters on Thursday morning at 8am with some of the Music Industry College kids but also there are bands such as Ocean Alley, Good Boy, INTROVERT and manyRead More

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Lana’s Lusty But Lighter Long Player

Lana Del Rey has a new album and MARIAH JAEGER is loving its summer hits. Lust for Life has a lighter, happier feel than previous Lana Del Rey releases although she still keeps her cool through the (northern hemisphere) summer with dreamy spacious vocals. The album features a golden list of collaborations with A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Playboi Carti, Stevie Nicks and Sean Lennon. Lana Del Rey has always been a romantic in voice, lyrics and sound and the whole recording sounds like a summer romance between Lana and America. SheRead More