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Posted On November 14, 2017By jbeavisIn Culture, Rants

OPINION: Education Is Crushing Creativity

BY MIKAYLA DOW The Australian schooling mistake that’s sabotaging our students. Think back to your time at school…. What is it that you remember best? For the vast majority, the most vivid memories are of the friends and the classmates and the kinds of things you did that maybe you weren’t really supposed to do. But for some, it’s the class work. Science, sports, lunch – for those that considered that a class too. How long does it take you to mention art though? The visual arts disciplines are important,Read More

Posted On October 31, 2017By jbeavisIn Art, Column, Culture, Rants

OPINION: More Arts-Based Education Needed

The Arts; A Gift Sent From Heaven This is not an over-exaggeration, but why? By Simone Williamson Before you begin to read this, put on your favourite song, look at the posters on your walls, indulge in what the arts is to you. Now think about how the arts has been a part of your life. I think the creative and performing arts are one of the most important parts of a child’s school career and personal life. I’m not some crazy mother who thinks that the Arts is aRead More
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TV writer Rhiannon Pope binges, then rants about Pride and Prejudice. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a freaking awesome piece of literature: Hello people. There are times in every girl’s life where she just has to sit down and cry in front of a romantic movie. Sometimes it’s because she’s going through a breakup, sometimes she’s just on her period but in my case I was just suffering from boredom and felt like having my heartstrings pulled by something that wasn’t sad. AmongRead More
With the 2016 Triple J Hack report on gender inequality in the music industry, the debate on the widely unrecognised disparity has only recently become national news. It is clear from this report, and many articles following after, that the Australian music industry is unequal in its representation of females and is considered wildly sexist by many in the industry themselves. In the second Girls To The Front investigation by Triple J Hack, it was found that “Male artists are far more likely to be booked on a festival line-upRead More
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Part 2 of our series about issues in the arts industry. Yep, you heard me. That arty kid in the back row is not only the English teacher’s least favourite, but the Government’s. It’s common knowledge that the years of high school are stressful and pressure filled for students. “What am I going to do if I don’t get this A?”, “Am I going to have to repeat year 12 if I fail Maths?”. You’ve probably heard similar questions before, whether you said them yourself or you heard it from someone else.Read More

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OPINION: The Starving Arts

The first in a series of columns by our writers on issues that affect the local arts community: Why so-called “work for exposure” hurts artists and Queensland’s struggling creative community. Work for exposure. If you’re part of the arts community, or looking to employ an artist, you’ve probably heard the term before. With a seemingly endless supply of information and tutorials available via the internet, it seems as if any average Joe can pick up a guitar or a graphics tablet and call themselves an artist. So if you ever needed toRead More
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Please don’t reboot Charmed

TV writer RHIANNON POPE takes a look back at cult 90s/00s TV show Charmed and why it doesn’t need a prequel reboot. Charmed was a television show in 1998 to 2006 following three/four sister who find out they’re witches destined to fight demons and other things that go bump in the night. Similarly to Buffy The Vampire Slayer the show was big on girl power and women in control but it also promoted the power of family and sisterhood which is why the Charmed reboot in the works is A Giant Mistake!!!!! Prue, Piper,Read More
TV writer RHIANNON POPE highlights 7 Plot points The Vampire Diaries universe just happens to share with the Buffy- verse. I would like to begin saying that i have not read the vampire diaries books and since they were written in the early nineties maybe it was buffy that stole the idea. Either way some of the “Shared” plot points get too specific and the characters seem to share their personalities/rolls in the story so i feel the need to point them out. First let’s play a game of “WhoRead More
Current affairs writer CLAIRE WEBBY catches us up on where we are at in Australia in the marriage equality debate. Marriage equality in Australia has been a hot topic for a while with it first sparking debates in 2004 when John Howard’s government introduced the Marriage Amendment Bill. With more countries all over the world making marriage equality legal, one must begin to wonder “when is it our turn?” I mean, America (out of all places) managed to pass the bill even with 83% of the population being Christians. NotRead More
BY SKYE D’ERCOLE Ah, music. Listening to it is great. But I bet sometimes you wish you didn’t listen to it so much. Yes, I’m talking about the times you listen to a song you haven’t heard in months, maybe even years, where you get flashbacks of memories so vivid that you become traumatised and don’t listen to that particular song for another lengthy period of time. Remember that song that you listened to on repeat with your girlfriends for a solid 6 months? Remember how that song was yourRead More