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Dead Memes Everywhere

By Jack Giess Memes. Memes are everywhere. Memes are the culture of the internet, it’s what most Facebook teens and young adults live and breathe when they log into their phones on their daily commute. We see them everywhere on social media and the general internet, so we must have high expectations, right? Yeah, we do, that’s why an old fart politician uses a “meme” from 5 years ago, shit hits the fan. What makes a good meme? Is it the over the top bass boost of a dirty hipRead More
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Please Do Not Assassinate Donald Trump

CLAIRE WEBBY investigates why no-one should assassinate Donald Trump. A shot rings out, BOOM! All of a sudden men in black suits appear, talking into their headpieces. “Donald Trump’s been shot!” If you’re thinking “God, I wish”, there’s no need to feel alone! You are certainly not the only one. There’s literally millions of people all over the world who wish for this everyday, especially on the oh so political world of Twitter… With important celebrities like Charlie Sheen as well as the 60,000 people that retweeted him stating itRead More

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Moving out for a rock n roll party

West TheBarton Brothel Party. Controversial name, but they really are rock n roll, after all. Just have a listen to this bloody good new single. And they’re from Adelaide. I am gonna say the best Adelaide band around right now. The band was one of the standouts of Bigsound last year with the growling vocals, flavour for the rock beat to sink cool ones and show everyone your armpit hair. Check out the new single ‘Moving Out’ and then check the touring dates below.   Saturday March 25 The HillsRead More