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Dan Sultan - Hold It Together single art
For his new single “Hold It Together” Dan Sultan has compressed many elements of generic indie rock production with banal lyrics but still managed to produce something pleasing to the ear. How? There’s a palm-muted guitar straight from the more pleasant parts of the 1980s and a slightly cheesy string synth line buried in the mix. Electric guitar and piano play the first beat of the bar and hand claps and a rather present snare are now so standard so that when a lively tambourine enters it is a welcome guest.Read More
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WAAX On Wild and Weak

Aaargh yes. This is rather good. “What’s the hardest part of being alone?” she asks contemplatively before things become progressively wilder, but not weaker (yep, I said it). In case you are not sure, this is a cathartic release in music, a response to lead singer Marie Devita’s brush with adversity. In fact they form a pattern and part of the June 2 Wild & Weak EP release. “These songs are a step by step documentation of what I went through – the steps of finding peace with my past,” sheRead More
Do you like the 80s? Or specifically the chorus-heavy guitar sound of Mac De Marco. It is okay everyone, he has a new song and it is a swoony. It is just a taster of his new album to be released on Friday – This Old Dog. It might just be one more love song, or specifically titled “One More Love Song” but it will have you up from your couch in the dimming of the day, dancing by yourself in the remaining sunlight before you have to go insideRead More

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Single Reviews: New and Old

NEW Ego – Milky Chance “Ego” is one of Milky Chance’s newest hits. The German folk duo-turned-trio released the track last month and it has since gained over a million views on youtube. Staying true to their origins, the song has an indie-alt-rock feel to it. “Ego” features a catchy, upbeat melody bass riff that leaves you humming it long after the song’s finished. The video itself merely has a vase of flowers with the lyrics printed underneath. “Ego, see your ego” sings the lead singer Clemens Rehbein, trapping theRead More

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Nate Smith: Drumming Fantastic

You may have seen the following video floating around Facebook of an incredible drummer… So good it hurts, baby. The drummer in question is Nate Smith and it was his 40th birthday the other day. Good news is he has prepared a gift for you in the form of this tasty album of beat fantastic – FORTY: the lo-fi beat tape:   Dig it?              Read More
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Just Quickly, Some New Music…

A quick snapshot of new things this week, from delightful electro-pop to a much loved band making a recording return to hard rocking metalcore! OKBADLANDS   At The Drive In And Mirrors:Read More
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Recent single reviews include an illness, a gamer, a pet, some concrete and another flashback. “Fever” – Mosaic By Jack Giess   I’m always listening to catchy Soundcloud tracks with my over-priced headphones on the train on the way home from school. It gives me ideas for my own songs like different ideas for drum fills, synth work, and groovy drum patterns. One particularly stressful day on the way home from school, my good friend Thomas Adamson was editing an overly aesthetic music video for what he described “some vaporwaveRead More

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Single Reviews: February 2017 Part 1

A rundown of recent singles as part of a special… “Grown Man” – Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy  By LM   ‘Grown Man’ is not like anything I have heard before, yet at the same time, reminds me of 15 different artists. The experimental jazz guitar is intricate but simple, the scat vocals are sparse but blend well with the kind of rap vocals the singer is spitting. The song has a groovy feel, a lot of which is given by the  offbeat drums. The singing style has quite a uniqueRead More

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REVIEW: Remember Us To Life – Regina Spektor

It’s been four years since Regina Spektor released her last album ‘What We Saw From The Cheap Seats’ but she’s been extremely busy in that time. Between writing the theme for Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black and giving birth, life has been full for the New York (via Russia) singer-songwriter. ‘Remember Us To Life’ is Spektor’s seventh studio album and one of her best works so far, giving an insight in to her thoughts since becoming a mother. The 11 tracks on ‘Remember Us To Life’ are byRead More
BY BRIANNA COYNE You’d think after 17 years with little to show for it, rock band American Football would’ve disappeared into the abyss of should’ve-been-would’ve-been artists, never to be heard of again. You thought wrong. Since their last release in 1999, the band has been almost non-existent until the announcement in late-August that they would be releasing a second self-titled album. Woah, right? I must say, it’s a pretty incredible marketing strategy – if you’ve got 17 years to spare, that is. But why is there so much hype? What ifRead More