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Oh what a Splendid weekend in Byron!!

Our Splendour In The Grass reporter MARIAH JAEGER recently recovered enough from SITG flu to file her report on one of the biggest music festivals of the calendar. One of the highlights for the year, Splendour In The Grass, has come and gone leaving attendees with many highlights, and others with much expected FOMO. The weekend brought some of the world’s best artists to Australia accompanied by food, fashion and beauty tents to offer some of byron’s best picks. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments fromRead More
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Please don’t reboot Charmed

TV writer RHIANNON POPE takes a look back at cult 90s/00s TV show Charmed and why it doesn’t need a prequel reboot. Charmed was a television show in 1998 to 2006 following three/four sister who find out they’re witches destined to fight demons and other things that go bump in the night. Similarly to Buffy The Vampire Slayer the show was big on girl power and women in control but it also promoted the power of family and sisterhood which is why the Charmed reboot in the works is A Giant Mistake!!!!! Prue, Piper,Read More

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Splendid weekend!

One of the biggest Australian festivals kick off round about now! And we do have one of our scribes MARIAH JAEGER heading there so look out for some of her stories. Splendour In The Grass. Over 32 500 keen attendees will be organising their set lists  and will be getting ready to celebrate under the Byron Bay sun. Over 100 acts will be playing across 4 stages with plenty of food and Byron’s best places to shop in between. Some of the best acts of the weekend should be AustralianRead More

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Kurt’s not but Grunge is Back

Dust off the flanno and ripped jeans cause we’re going to party like it’s 1992. August 11 // The Zoo // The Eagle Junction // Bixby Canyon // Friendlyfire // Cold Pie // $10 // 8pm  Read More
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INTERVIEW: Good Boy In Splendour

SK’s Splendour In The Grass correspondent MARIAH JAEGER spoke to local boys, or boy… Good Boy, who will be playing at the prestigious event: MJ: This is Good Boy’s first year playing at Splendour in the Grass, one of the biggest music festivals in Australia. Does it feel surreal to be playing this year at the festival? GB: Definitely. I don’t think any of us have actually attended Splendour so we’re kinda excited to experience the festival as punters and an artists. MJ: What song of yours do you find the crowdRead More
In the busy streets of West End, you expect to find hip restaurant and unique shops. What you might not know is that West End is home to a bunch of small, local music venues, in particular 10 Jane St or as most know, Audrey’s Music Shop. Music shop by day and venue by night, it hosts the best of the local musicians. In this case, Hannah Mcleod with Harris Sharp and Jordan Wearn were the ‘musos’ of the night. Harris Sharp kicked off the gig with an acoustic, chillRead More
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Dead Memes Everywhere

By Jack Giess Memes. Memes are everywhere. Memes are the culture of the internet, it’s what most Facebook teens and young adults live and breathe when they log into their phones on their daily commute. We see them everywhere on social media and the general internet, so we must have high expectations, right? Yeah, we do, that’s why an old fart politician uses a “meme” from 5 years ago, shit hits the fan. What makes a good meme? Is it the over the top bass boost of a dirty hipRead More
Los Campesinos! - Sick Scenes album art

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Sick ones from Los Campesinos new album

By Sky D’Ercole The seven-piece alternative indie band Los Campesinos! new album Sick Scenes is out!… And it is filled to the brim with cheerful, lively riffs and beautiful lyrics. The entire album runs on the theme of mental health and coming of age through the trials and tribulations of adulthood and relationships, with Gareth Campesinos! specifically saying: “The song’s about battling with bad mental health, trying to comfort and reason with yourself over something you can’t control. Specifically it’s about how my main coping mechanism was to keep myselfRead More

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WAAX’s Same Same Video Released

BY MARIAH JAEGER Brisbane band WAAX blessed us with a new single called ‘Same Same’ late last year and now here is the video clip! This rock heavy track is catchy with chopped up guitar riffs and gritty vocals. The band’s frontwoman Marie DeVita has strong lyrics and a voice that brings an edge of punk to the track. Since the worldwide premiere on Triple J on the 14th of November, the track has been a hit, gaining instant praise. WAAX also released a music video to accompany the song,Read More

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Much Bliged, Bluesfest

Goodness! Mary J Blige is coming to town? What you don’t know her? Singer, songwriter, why the Queen of Hip Hop Soul! Grammy award winner, multi-platinum albums and now… Bluesfest! Just yet another reason for going! What else is coming up? Woodford, Falls? What are you looking forward to? Let us know. Mary J Blige is also touring to Sydney and Melbourne. Hit the Bluesfest website for more details:  Read More