Bigsound reporter PHIA THE REAPER had a gander at the conference and got punk. Speakers: Emily Kelly DEATHPROOF, Hayley Connelly from Little Press, Roy Amar from Bear Parts Music, Tom Taaffe from United Talent Agency, Janine Morcos from Cooking Vinyl. This conference was topical and interesting. The panel guests reflected on hardcore band The Dickies and a misogynist rant from their lead singer Leonard Graves Phillips while on the Warped tour.   Tom: I can’t understand how they can defend themselves. I doubt we would book a band like that.Read More

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Golden Vessel at Bigsound

Brisbane’s prime annual music conference/festival Bigsound is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Bigsound is responsible for laying down the foundations for some of the best new musical acts, including young Brisbane beat lord Max Byrne aka. Golden Vessel. JACK GEISS asked Max some questions about Bigsound and how it’s helped shape his music.   Hey Max! So you’re playing Bigsound this year at the TBC club, how are you feeling about it? Really excited! Bigsound is my fave time of the year cause I get to catch upRead More

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Bigsound definitely a big wow!

So Bigsound is on in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and happening this week!! I’m here to tell you all about it and get you excited!. So whats on? Well there’s the music festival,  conferences, carties, masterclasses, showcases for visual art and music tech. The amazing act lists for the music festival is out of this world. We have our own showcase at SK headquarters on Thursday morning at 8am with some of the Music Industry College kids but also there are bands such as Ocean Alley, Good Boy, INTROVERT and manyRead More

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Lana’s Lusty But Lighter Long Player

Lana Del Rey has a new album and MARIAH JAEGER is loving its summer hits. Lust for Life has a lighter, happier feel than previous Lana Del Rey releases although she still keeps her cool through the (northern hemisphere) summer with dreamy spacious vocals. The album features a golden list of collaborations with A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Playboi Carti, Stevie Nicks and Sean Lennon. Lana Del Rey has always been a romantic in voice, lyrics and sound and the whole recording sounds like a summer romance between Lana and America. SheRead More

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Paul Kelly’s life is fine

Australian musical icon Paul Kelly is back with a new album Life Is Fine and a tour for November and December. Kelly will be joined by some amazing guests on various parts of the tour including the legendary US Americana singer Steve Earle, Middle Kids, Busby Marou and one of our favourites Sahara Beck as support at the Rockhampton show. Life Is Fine has already smacked a number 1  and appears to be some of his strongest songwriting. It features long time collaborators Vika and Linda Bull taking lead on PK written songs.   PAUL KELLY Tour NOVEMBERRead More

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Let’s remember the great Tom Searle

In modern music, some of the most powerful messages have been conveyed in metal; protests to politicians standing for personal gain, anger at seeing a never-ending war and rallying anthems telling the depressed and lonely that they’re not by themselves. One of the bands at the forefront of these messages is Architects. Known for their incredibly heavy sound and impressively complex guitar riffs courtesy of Tom Searle who passed away one year ago on Sunday after a three year battle with cancer. (Tom Searle, Source: Architect’s Facebook) At the time, theRead More

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Seattle Sounds For Scholarship Funds

Grunge just doesn’t go away and fair enough too. The sound that birthed from those Seattle bands such as Nirvana, Mudhoney, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. And neither does education. So when it came down to raising funds for Music Industry College’s scholarship fund there were plenty of former and current students plus friends and associates who have put their hands up to help out and celebrate the Seattle sound at the same time. And it all goes down on Friday night, August 11. Bands include and tickets areRead More
We’ve heard of Donald Trump, Theresa May, Malcolm Turnbull, but what about Angela Merkel? With the G20 being all over the news in the preceding months and Trump all over the news for the wrong reasons, Merkel has been a stand out figure, so who is she? What should we know about Angela Merkel? Political reporter CLAIRE WEBBY digs deep. The leader of Germany has been the topic of discussion on the internet as of recently, with a video of her rolling her eyes when in a conversation with VladimirRead More