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Posted On July 28, 2017By bwoodIn Events

It’s an SK party!

SK TV writer RHIANNON POPE puts on her rants pants about TV shows that don’t seem to know much about their fans. As you might have guessed I really like television. Telling a story over years gives the writers more of a chance to develop and grow the story. But…. there are a lot of times when someone in the crew be it actors, directors or writer have lapses in judgment. To fix this issue i’ve created a new job! The fan consultant. The fan consultant is a T.V fanRead More

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Splendid weekend!

One of the biggest Australian festivals kick off round about now! And we do have one of our scribes MARIAH JAEGER heading there so look out for some of her stories. Splendour In The Grass. Over 32 500 keen attendees will be organising their set lists  and will be getting ready to celebrate under the Byron Bay sun. Over 100 acts will be playing across 4 stages with plenty of food and Byron’s best places to shop in between. Some of the best acts of the weekend should be AustralianRead More

Posted On July 20, 2017By jbeavisIn Music

SITG Interview: Hockey Dad

Splendour In The Grass reporter MARIAH JAEGER spoke to Hockey Dad drummer Billy Fleming prior to playing at the mega-festival this weekend. SK: How does it feel playing one of Australia’s biggest festivals and have you got anything special planned for your set? Yeah it’s gunna be mental hey! Heaps of mates are playing so it’ll be sick. We’ve got a few things up our sleeve. Will involve blood. SK: You are currently on tour as the main support for Grinspoon. What are some of your favourite parts of touring andRead More
Every now and then it is good to revisit those books that pass you by. BREE COYNE looks at Eleanor and Park. So I’ve been wanting to read Eleanor and Park for a while. Partially because it’s one of the most highly recommended books that have been suggested to me. But another reason I’ve wanted to read is because who wouldn’t want to read a book by someone called Rainbow Rowell?! After a long time of eyeing it off in the bookstore when I buy my weight in books, I finallyRead More

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Kurt’s not but Grunge is Back

Dust off the flanno and ripped jeans cause we’re going to party like it’s 1992. August 11 // The Zoo // The Eagle Junction // Bixby Canyon // Friendlyfire // Cold Pie // $10 // 8pm  Read More

Posted On July 18, 2017By jbeavisIn Music, Reviews

REVIEW: Paramore’s After Laughter

PHIA THE REAPER has returned with another Paramore review! I hope you guys have listened to the new Paramore album?  None of my friends have so… Yeah I know I used the Depresso David Tennant gif, it had to be USED okay? So let’s carry on friends, the album is well it’s different from anything Paramore have ever made… I hear you I hear you fam, but yeah it is different to the self-titled album. How could they get even further from where they started? Well they’ve gotta get toRead More
HWLS 2017

Posted On July 11, 2017By jbeavisIn Interviews, Music

SITG 2017: Interview with HWLS

Splendour In The Grass 2017 reporter MARIAH JAEGER spoke to electro producer HWLS about his upcoming slot at this year’s SITG. SK: You recently dropped your new album EP02. Does the album have a specific theme or focus? HWLS: The EP was just a chance to try some different things and work with a couple of close producers from back home, just wanted to take the HWLS sound to another world and build on what we had done before. SK: How has your sound evolved from your past works? HWLS: I guess it’s aRead More

Posted On June 15, 2017By jbeavisIn Music, News, Tours

Sex On Toast Single Launch Might Be 4U

Slow jam it… yeah… Sex On Toast oh my. Who doesn’t love the 80s? If you are one of those then probably keep scrolling but if you like it and you like those smooth synths and gated drums look no further than Australia’s Sex On Toast and their new single “4U”. Then head to The Foundry on Saturday, June 17 to catch em in Brisbane but hurry cos they are selling like hot toast: Click on the picture below for the music and the purchase!Read More
BTS Main Header
BTS: Who the hell are they and why should you care? Our breathless fan and guest writer R-Pop filed this one: BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단), Bangtan Boys, or Bulletproof Boyscouts, whatever you want to call them are a South Korean group formed by BigHit entertainment. With seven members, they’re the first Korean act to be nominated for a Billboard Music Award (Top Social Artist). Even better, they won against Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendez. Now, to decide if you want to get to know their musicRead More