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We are at 50th anniversary of the halfway point between when James Brown and his band recorded his classic “Cold Sweat” in May, 1967 and when he released it in July a few months later, so now is a good time to revisit it. Why revisit an old song from the 1960s? Because without it there would be no hip hop. Yep. Well one of the many factors but a very important one in the evolution of music. Not just because it was sampled by pioneering hip hop and drumRead More
HannahMarie is an exciting young country singer and songwriter. She launched her album recently and will be live on Murri Country station 98.9 FM on Thursday morning. SOPHIA HARDIMAN attended HannahMarie’s debut album launch recently in Ipswich. A full house of people all excited and in a shared state of anticipation for Hannah-Marie’s solo album to be played right before their eyes at Studio 188, Ipswich. Supporting HannahMaries was Kasey-Michelle with her husband on backing vocals and lead acoustic guitar. They tore through the room with her beautifully inspiring vocals and soulfulRead More
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INTERVIEW: Good Boy In Splendour

SK’s Splendour In The Grass correspondent MARIAH JAEGER spoke to local boys, or boy… Good Boy, who will be playing at the prestigious event: MJ: This is Good Boy’s first year playing at Splendour in the Grass, one of the biggest music festivals in Australia. Does it feel surreal to be playing this year at the festival? GB: Definitely. I don’t think any of us have actually attended Splendour so we’re kinda excited to experience the festival as punters and an artists. MJ: What song of yours do you find the crowdRead More

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Master of Thoughtful, Feelgood TV

English teacher and guest blogger Jimi Beavis provides some thoughts on Master Of None. I have nearly finished the second season of Netflix’s Master of None and it is already making me think about it when I am far away from a position where I can watch it. I think about the characters and what they go through. It is truly beautiful and also innovative and one that stands up to many others of the Golden Age of TV, and many other films based around 30-somethings who face mortality, life and love. ItRead More
In the busy streets of West End, you expect to find hip restaurant and unique shops. What you might not know is that West End is home to a bunch of small, local music venues, in particular 10 Jane St or as most know, Audrey’s Music Shop. Music shop by day and venue by night, it hosts the best of the local musicians. In this case, Hannah Mcleod with Harris Sharp and Jordan Wearn were the ‘musos’ of the night. Harris Sharp kicked off the gig with an acoustic, chillRead More
TV writer RHIANNON POPE highlights 7 Plot points The Vampire Diaries universe just happens to share with the Buffy- verse. I would like to begin saying that i have not read the vampire diaries books and since they were written in the early nineties maybe it was buffy that stole the idea. Either way some of the “Shared” plot points get too specific and the characters seem to share their personalities/rolls in the story so i feel the need to point them out. First let’s play a game of “WhoRead More

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Paramore Hard Times Adore

Paramore’s new album After Laughter  is out and it looks a winner. We asked our resident Paramore fan SOPHIA HARDIMAN about the first single ‘Hard Times’. Paramore has a new infectious single ‘Hard Times’ with a bright music video directed by Andrew Joffe. ‘Hard Times’ is a new ambitious up-beat song with conflicting lyrics which show the growth of Paramore as a band. As they continuously explore new genres in their albums. Paramore have returned after not producing any music for four years their last album being in released in 2013. TheyRead More
Current affairs writer CLAIRE WEBBY catches us up on where we are at in Australia in the marriage equality debate. Marriage equality in Australia has been a hot topic for a while with it first sparking debates in 2004 when John Howard’s government introduced the Marriage Amendment Bill. With more countries all over the world making marriage equality legal, one must begin to wonder “when is it our turn?” I mean, America (out of all places) managed to pass the bill even with 83% of the population being Christians. NotRead More
Dan Sultan - Hold It Together single art
For his new single “Hold It Together” Dan Sultan has compressed many elements of generic indie rock production with banal lyrics but still managed to produce something pleasing to the ear. How? There’s a palm-muted guitar straight from the more pleasant parts of the 1980s and a slightly cheesy string synth line buried in the mix. Electric guitar and piano play the first beat of the bar and hand claps and a rather present snare are now so standard so that when a lively tambourine enters it is a welcome guest.Read More
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BY CRUZE BATCHELDOR If you came to John Mayer’s newest album in order to find everything you’ve ever wanted from an album, you have come to the wrong place. Sadly, Mayer’s album has delivered a bunch of skippable songs that bring the album down. Songs like “Rosie”, “Never On The Day You Leave” and “Changing”  have no place on a John Mayer album. It’s hard to believe that a veteran of the music industry has put songs like these on his album. Compared to the other songs on this album theyRead More