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Written By Brodie Charters March 25 2014 To sum up in a few words — money well spent. Well… not really money well spent, after all I obtained a media pass and therefore got free entry. BUT, if I’d been just a regular punter looking for a good night out with some great live music, I would have definitely bought myself a ticket to the Triple Treat Tour at the Fortitude’s own Black Bear Lodge. Almost unbeknown to me prior to show, I was given the opportunity to photograph artistsRead More

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Written By David on March 23 2014 Belgian dubstep producer Eptic has made a swift rise to stardom in the electronic scene. The 19-year kicked off his success with his signing to NSD Records in 2012. His latest release “Doom” reinforces his position as one of the top bass artists. Eptic is known for distinctive almost 8 bit synths-distorted vocals samples and yappy highs. They are still a huge feature of his sound and fans of his hybridization of traditional dubstep and new fresher sounds will enjoy this EP immensely.Read More
Written By G-Monster on March 19 2014 Supernatural and sexual, Calling All Cars releases its new album. Calling All Cars is an Australian rock band trio from Melbourne who formed in 2005. The band consists of brothers Hayden and James Ing, along with Adam Montgomery who from 2005 to the present day have released two studio albums including multiple singles. Calling All Cars recently completed their third studio album ‘Raise The People’ which will be released through Cooking Vinyl on the 7th of March 2014. Werewolves, one of the tracksRead More

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Down – The Kooks Review

Written By Eilish Senyard on March 17 2014 If you haven’t heard about The Kooks latest and long awaited release of new single ‘Down’you ought to take the minutes! After hefty rumours the group had gone into hiding, broken up or otherwise, it’s safe to say dedicated fans such as myself are absolutely relieved – and impressed! It has been 10 years since the British rock band formed in Brighton, East Sussex. Their earlier years spent as a self described “pop” band, The Kooks surely and wonderfully grew into a 1960′sRead More

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Goodez Interview

Written By Marree Guerrero on March 15 2014 NCPIC Competition runner up Goodez (Carl Goodwin) had a chat to us about a handful of wonderful things currently progressing in his career. How did you get the inspiration for Ease The Pain ft. Lili Kendall? I got the inspiration for Ease the Pain through the competition’s criteria. The song had to be about the harmful effects of cannabis, but I thought using a girl named Mary Jane would be an interesting and creative way to get the message across to listeners.Read More

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Jack Colwell Interview

Written by Hannah Fraser on March 14 2014 We were warned that Jack Colwell was an ‘interesting’ chat, and he proved this theory to be correct – not that we are at all complaining! A very refreshing and enticing insight to the classically-trained composer turned alternative pop-star – Who is Jack Colwell? A small-town / big city light 24 year young boy experimenting with lyfe and kulcha. As a big hair enthusiast, who has the best big hair at the moment? Joan Rivers waking up in a wig after aRead More

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Bobby Alu Interview

Written by Ailish Silvester on March 13 2014 I’d been nervous about doing my first interview and after finding out it were regae artist Bobby Alu, I was even more nervous. Having listened too his music for a few years, it was an incredible experience being able to chat with him and pick his brain. Describe yourself OR your music in five words  Hammock, coconut, and music. Who are two musicians or bands that you feel have really shaped the way you are as a person today? Okay, well, basically,Read More

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Violent Soho are Sellouts!

The long haired lads from the 4122 have been forced to add more shows to their July tour with The Smith Street Band after selling out shows in Melbourne, Sydney and hometown Brisbane. On the back of the success of the Hungry Ghost album, a slot in the Triple J Hottest 100 and relentless touring this summer, this comes as no big surprise. We’re hanging out for the true homecoming when they sell out the Mansfield Tavern Rock Arena. Then we’ll be convinced that they’ve truly made it. July 6thRead More